f3dvr - f3d volume renderer

The f3dvr tool is a sophisticated application for interactive rendering of 3D volume data using common graphics cards. It provides for several rendering techniques covering calculation of lighting models or suppression of homogeneous regions in the data set. The data is displayed in the form of artificially created slices generated in parallel trough the volume and subsequently blended together.


  • perspective/orthogonal projection
  • predefined viewings
  • background colour setting
  • data set information

  • Clipping:
    Support for clipping planes (almost for all rendering modes). User can define, rotate, translate, invert clipping planes.
    clipping planes clipping planes clipping planes clipping planes menu

    It is possible to use 3 different blending modes - additive, maximum intensity projection, minimum intensity projection.
    additive maximum minimum blending menu

    Transfer function editor:
    Simple transfer function editor for defining transfer functions. It is possible to define one-dimensional transfer function. It supports 8,12,16 bit transfer function in dependence on loaded data set. It is possible load / save users transfer function to disk. User can choose 3 types of classification methods - pre classification, post classification, pre integrated classification. In the transfer function editor is displayed also data set histogram.
    pre classification / pre-integrated classification transfer function editor transfer function menu

    Rendering modes:
  • 2D texture - data set rendering based on the 2D textures.
  • 2D multitexture - data set rendering based on the 2D textures (highier quality).
  • 3D texture OAS - data set rendering based on the 3D texture (object aligned slices).
  • 3D texture VAS - data set rendering based on the 3D texture (view aligned slices).
  • 3D normal - gradient displaying pre calculated(texture) from data set, or calculated on the fly (fragment).
  • 3D Light (grad. mag.) - data set rendering based on the gradient magnitude modification.
  • 3D light 2 - rendering based on phong lighting model.
  • Raycasting - rendering based on the ray casting algorithm.
  • Focus and context - data set rendering with segmented mask.

  • 2D texture 2D multitexture 3D texture (OAS) 3D texture (VAS) 3D normal (texture) 3D normal (fragment)
    3D light (grad. mag.) 3D light2 Raycasting Focus & Context Rendering modes

  • Sampling settings - number of slices.
  • Filtering mode settings - nearest/linear.
  • Alpha test settings - mode (greater, equal, less) and threshold.
  • Gradient calculation settings for multispectral data sets.
  • Cut angle settings for focus and context rendering mode.
  • ...

  • Settings menu


  • f3dvr - version (19.1.2009)
  • f3dvr - version (13.12.2007)
  • f3dvr - version (6.3.2007)
  • f3dvr - version (1.4.2004)
  • data sets:
    tot.f3d tot_mask.f3d harmonic32.f3d conf_a5_xml.f3d mhc.f3d stagbeetle_416x416x247_uc.f3d data_ch23_uc_256.f3d
  • data resources: f3d data , raw data
  • palette: muscle cell palette

  • Gallery - some images rendered by f3dvr.


    HW requirements:
  • Graphics card supported OpenGL 2.0 and Cg.

  • SW requirements:
    In f3dvr package should be all necessary libraries included.
  • OpenGL
  • Cg
  • wxWidgets
  • f3dformat