CG 3, 2-MPG-201, 5 credits, Wed 9.50 @ M115

Exercises/2018: Mgr. Adriana Bosakova, M123      

Evaluation = [midterm (40 min) + final (Feb 11, 2019, VIII, 60 min)]*0.5 + [Your animation]*0.5 + eventually discussion ( aqua VIII at 10.00, Mondays, or another time, fixed by email )

Class Goals

Modeling and rendering of dynamic scenes, selected methods of animation, interaction and virtual reality. Comparing graphics systems functionality and algorithms efficiency. Creating graphics objects for scientific visualization.


Reference models, ISO standardization, VRML overview. Augmented reality (Bimber-Raskar). Designing mobile application or computer game. Real-time rendering, stripification. Usability.
Computer animation (Szirmay-Kalos). Scene graph traversal, forward kinematics, key-frame animation workflow.
Geometry processing, special triangulations, level of details.
Textures for fast rendering, IBR, panoramas, cultural heritage digitization, virtual museum, cybercity.
Volume rendering and information visualisation basics.

Texbooks online

Theory of Three Dimensional Computer Graphics by SZIRMAY-KALOS, L. et al., Sampling and quantization artifacts - Texture mapping - Animation
SAR by Bimber&Raskar
Pocitacova grafika a spracovanie obrazu by RUZICKY, E. et al. in Slovak
VRML97 by ZARA, J. in Czech

Procedural textures and cellular automata     Notes by M. Zimanyi     Perlin noise     Oscar