Zuzana Berger Haladova 

        Website about my projects, thesis and much more.


Welcome to my new website!

You can find my CV and some details about my life in the Bio section. In the Projects section there are several links to my most important works. My PhD. and Master thesis are presented in the separate section. For the contact informations pleas visit the Contact section.

1.9.2017 I will be back at the faculty.

17.10.2015 I am on the maternity leave.

29.9.2015 I have had an invited presentation on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The flyer and the prezentation on Prezi

1.7.-31.8.2015 I was on the research stay in Interactive media systems group at TU Wien I got funded by the grant Action Austria-Slovakia by SAIA

10-13.6.2015 I will have a presentation at DSAI conference at Fraunhofer institute

3.6.2015 I will guide students in our FTLab during the DoD at FMFI

28.5.2015 My student Ivor Uhliarik won the 1st place at Czecho-slovak round of Student scientific conference

19.5.2015 I have attended the conference on 3D printing in medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava

22.4.2015 My student Ivor Uhliarik won the faculty round of Student scientific conference

20-25.4.2015 I have attended CESCG and SCCG conferences

13.2.2015 I had a popularizing lecture about computer science research on our faculty during DoD.

3-5.2.2015 I have attended HiVisCom meeting of czech and slovak CG and CV scientists in High Tatras.

27.1.2015 My msc. student Ivor Uhliarik won the Kunii prize for young students of computer graphics and is heading to CESCG conference

29.1.2015 I have attended Visual computing trends in Vienna.

16.12.2014 My team (R. Szemzo, V. Sec, M. Vojcik, T. Kovacovsky, E. Sikudova) have obtained the Etalent Tatrabanka grant for our project AREST- Augmented reality and reconstruction in restoration process

5.12.2014 I have my PhD. graduattion. Here is the notice

15 - 16.11.2014 We have been playing with and programming robots developed by guys from Animarobotics at Progressbar hackers space during the second edition of Kartel workshop

1.11.2014 I became a faculty member at department of Applied informatics at FMFI UK.

25 - 26.10.2014 I am coorganizing (together with Slavo Krekovic) a workshop Kartel for students of art and computer science at A4 cultural center

6.10.2014 I received my PhD.

20.9.2014 Heading to 2. Heidelberg Laureate Forum

17.9.2014 I won the 1. best presentation award on ICCVG conference in Warsaw!

5.7.2014 I have married Peter on 5.7. in vineyard Vina z Mlyna in Dolany. Foto (photographed by Petra Rjabininova) and Our wedding owls (painted by Daniela Olejníková).

14.6 I had a presentation about Augmented reality at conference for pupils Virtual reality without boardes 2014.

30.5.2014 I have presented a paper at SCCG 2014 conference at Smolenice castle

8.5.2014 I was again! chosen as one of 200 participants of the Heidelberg Forum- the meeting with laureates of Turing award, Fields medal, Nevanlinna prize and Abel prize

7.5. 2014 Our computer vision lecture book called "POČÍTAČOVÉ VIDENIE: DETEKCIA A ROZPOZNÁVANIE OBJEKTOV" was published. PDF

29.4. 2014 I have submitted my thesis!

23.4. 2014 My student Michal Vozný won the faculty round of the Student Scientific conference.

11.4.2014 I recieved the grand for young researchers from the Comenius university 2014

25.3.2014 I attended the lecture from Qualcomm AR series in Vienna

5.3.2014 I have tried the Google Glass at Profesia days

12.2.2014 I was motivating young students to study computer science at DOD on our faculty. We were exploring the Augmented reality, Oculus Rift, stereoprojection and SMISS 3D scanner created by my friends from Photoneo

26.11.2013 I had a lecture about augmented reality at Medialab at VSVU

25.9.2013 I attended the 1. Heidelberg Laureate Forum

7.8.2013 I was invited as a speaker to an event of Neviditelna Stiavnica project

14.7.2013 Heading to ICVSS summer school

5.7.2013 I have participated onTEDxBratislava with an interactive instalation

5.6.2013 My student Roman Franta has defended his thesis: Spatial Superressolution, was nominated to the dean prize and won the Czechoslovak round of SVOC conference

21.5.2013 I received a travel grant "Studenti do sveta" from Nadacia Tatrabanky for my stay at the summer conference ICVSS

14.5.2013 I was chosen as one of 200 participants of the Heidelberg Forum- the meeting with laureates of Turing award, Fields medal, Nevanlinna prize and Abel prize

1.5.2013 I won the 1. best presentation award on the SCCG conference

3.3.2013 I recieved the grand for young researchers from the Comenius university 2013

18.2.2013 My student Csaba Boylos won the Kunii Prize with his diploma thesis and will attend the the CESCG conference

27.11.2012 I have sucessfully finished my Rigorouse studies and recieved a RNDr degree

23.11.2012 I was invited as a speaker to Krakatoa talk club

8.11.2012 I have presented a paper at ARTECH 2012 conference in Faro, Portugal

14.9.2012 I have attended the Bienale of Architecture in Venice, Italy

4.9.2012 I have attended the lecture (and the dinner) with Brian Barsky at FMFI UK

4.7.2012 I am attending the SSIP summer school. (I have been awarded with SPP grant "Hlavička")

25.5.2012 I have passed my dissertation project exams (the first quarter? of my PhD.)

2.5.2012 I have attended a SCCG conference in the Smolenice castle

25.4.2012 I have become a laureate of the SVK conference

14.4.2012 We (VRBH team) have held the Virtual reality without borders conference on our faculty

february 2012 I have participated (with workshop, exhibition, poster...) in the Virtual world exhibition in Avion.

11.1.2012 We (T. Kovacovsky, J. Zizka, E. Sikudova and I)have obtained the Etalent Tatrabanka grant for our project Virtualizer: 3D Scanner for Complete Reconstruction

14.11.2011 I have a presentation about Kinect on the (computer graphics) seminar of the numerical mathematics at DAI, FMFI UK

1.11.2011 We have started the best animation competition called ASAP, for which I have created the design of the flyer

19.7.2011 I have created a flyer for the VRBH- Virtual reality without borders

19.7.2011 I have attended the seminar with Ramesh Raskar at FMFI UK

13.6. 2011 I have participated in the project meeting with visitors from Brno University of Technology

1.6.2011 I have presented the Augmented reality experience for the visitors of the Open Day at FMFI

1.5.2011 I have attended the SCCG conference in Vinicne

19.4.2011 I have become a laureate of the SVK conference

11.4.2011 I have presented my poster: Reconstruction of cultural heritage object utilizing its paper model for augmented reality on the Eurographics 2011

17.2.2011 My paper: Limitations of the SIFT/SURF based methods in the classifications of fine art paintings was published in the Vol.12 No. 1, 2010 the summer issue of CGG journal

10.10.2010 I have advanced to the second round of the ACM SPY 2010 competiton

08.10.2010 My Extended Abstract has been presented on the 50-th anniversary of the Geometry department of the Comenius University

20.08.2010 I have created the promo for HR conference (currently on TA3)

09.07.2010 I have my graduation on 14.7.2010 in Bratislava. Notice

01.07.2010 I have been accepted to a PhD. program at FMFI UK