Here is an overview of some of the most interesting research projects I work (or worked) on.

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Multi-touch Augmented Reality System (MARS)


Focused on natural user interfaces, augmented reality and user interaction methods, MARS is a research project at our VIS GRAVIS company. We experiment with novel user interface paradigms - multi-touch, body movement, walk speed and interaction via physical objects.

We call this approach "augmented by reality". That means the computer is not used to augment our reality, but our reality (our hands, legs or real objects) are used to augment the interaction with the computer. Our experiments include a combination of an augmented reality display with a multi-touch table (our very first patent pending), Kinect interaction, registering pressure and object size on a multi-touch table and even a real treadmill used to walk through a virtual land.


  • Matej Novotný, Ján Lacko, Martin Samuelčík: Applications of multi-touch augmented reality system in education and presentation of virtual heritage. PDF
    International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education, Procedia Computer Science, 25 (2013), pp. 231-235
  • Matej Novotný, Ján Lacko, Martin Samuelčík: Augmented By Reality: Experiments With Natural User Interfaces PDF
    Information Technology Applications, 2012(2), ISSN 1338-6468, pp. 23-29
  • Matej Novotný, Ján Lacko, Martin Samuelčík: MARS: Multi-Touch Augmented Reality System and Methods of Interaction with It PDF
    Information Technology Applications, 2012(2), ISSN 1338-6468, pp. 30-36

Information Visualization of Large Data


When visualizing thousands of data records, each with multiple dimensions, the visualization display easily becomes cluttered and unreadable. The goals of our research is to design data abstraction to enable easy data overview and selective details on demand. The main means in this effort are visual abstraction, focus+context visualization and screen-space processing.

The resulting displays are clear despite the thousands (and even millions) of data records. And we even took care of the outliers. Because outliers in data processing are like children: If you leave them alone, they either get lost or they break stuff.


  • Matej Novotný and Helwig Hauser: Outlier-Preserving Focus+Context Visualization in Parallel Coordinates PDF
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 893-900, September-October, 2006
  • Martin Florek and Matej Novotný: Interactive Information Visualization using Graphics Hardware PDF
    Poster proceedings of Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, SCCG 2006
  • Matej Novotný: Visually Effective Information Visualization of Large Data PDF
    CESCG 2000-2005 Best Papers book (Österreichische Computer Gesselschaft, 2006)

Similarity Brushing


We analyze data similarity in the data-space and use this information to create a new visual analysis tool. One that that implants the n-dimensional information into a low dimensional view and bridges the projection space with the original space in an intuitive and simple way.

In one direction the tool performs ndimensional data-driven brushing based on screen space interaction. In the opposite direction it allows for interactive visual exploration of the original multidimensional space in an infovis display.


  • Matej Novotný and Helwig Hauser: Similarity Brushing for Exploring Multidimensional Relations PDF
    Journal of WSCG, Volume 14, 2006

Virtual Environments


Digital presentation of virtual environments or virtual objects helps us learn about places and stories that are too distant to be observed in real. Distant in either space or time, the virtual worlds create an attractive destination for professional and entertainment purposes.

Our projects regarding virtual environments include virtual museums, virtual cities and interactive visualization and communication of urban plans.


  • Ján Lacko, Matej Novotný, Martin Samuelčík: Koncept vireálneho múzea (in Slovak) PDF
    Informačno - komunikačné technológie: využitie v prezentačnej činnosti múzeí, 2011
  • Ferko et al.: Virtuálne mestské múzeum (in Slovak) PDF
    Informačno - komunikačné technológie: využitie v prezentačnej činnosti múzeí, 2011
  • Lacko et al.: Innovating multidimensional urban visions PDF
    REAL CORP 2010 Proceedings
  • Borovský et al.: 3D Multimedia Historic Bratislava PDF
    REAL CORP 2008 Proceedings

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