Computer Graphics

The course is taught at the Faculty of Management and is oriented on the future IT managers. It gives an overview of the rich area of computer graphics, starting from the very basics of geometry and rendering, through object modeling and representation, up to applications in visualization or multimedia.

The labs will teach you to manipulate simple 2d graphical information by working with photographs and pictures in general.

Time and place:

Wednesdays, 12:30 @ Room 18 (lecture), 14:00 @ L4 (labs), 15:30 @ L4 (labs)


Course evaluation consists of 1 test (100 points) taken usually during the last lecture and lab projects (100 points total) assigned as homework. Total score is an average of the two. The final grade will be assessed according to the following scale:

100 - 91 90 - 81 80 - 71 70 - 61 60 - 51 50



Following is a schedule and topics of the lectures plus the slides I use for the lectures. For your own safety and sanity do not rely on these presentation slides as your course notes. They are here only to remind us what was discussed during the lectures.

#Slides (in PDF)Misc.
01 Introduction + Graphical System  
02 Rendering I (Geometry & Transformations)  
03 Rendering II (Texturing, Lighting, Shadows)  
04 Object Representation  
05 Modeling  
06 Animation + Real-time cheats  
07 Multimedia and coding  
08 Image processing  
09 CG applications and software  
10 Graphics hardware  
  Sample test 2012